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a flower market in Amsterdam
 Dearest Mamushka Marie followers,

As you may have noticed I haven't posted in quite sometime- let alone updated from New York City or Europe (where I headed after my time in the big apple). This past year has had it's fair share of happy and bitter-sweet surprises, but try as I might, I just haven't had or made the time to catalog my comings and goings as I would have liked to. Anticipating this outcome while in Europe, I wrote a long letter in my journal intended to be posted upon my return to the States. On the train from London to Paris I was overwhelmed by the enormity of how far my life had taken me and how much had changed in such a short period of time. I can say with confidence this had all happened as a direct reflection of this blog. One thing lead to another and another and then another.

London, around the corner from our flat

Here is a bit of what I wrote that day:
"I'm on the train, traveling through Europe as I write this. I'll be in France for the first time in my life in a matter of hours. It feels like I'm having one of those "I'd never have believed it" moments, you know the kind, where when you think back to who you were and how your life used to be- you in no way could have expected THIS, never THIS, amazing, unbelievable THIS. Like when a dream you've had is suddenly realized and even though it's coming true before your very eyes, you are overwhelmed by how you got there."
From my seat next to the window I'm soaking up all I can of my surroundings. The countryside is so lovely and inviting, I can almost feel the crispness of the air, the leaves all fallen off of their branches, above them, bright blue sky. I suppose it's only natural to reflect upon ones life when presented with experiences like this... "
This is what being a tour nanny looks like!

I went on rambling like that for sometime but suffice it to say: I was saying goodbye. I never wanted to leave this space so open ended. I believe that like any chapter in life, it's important to give it closure, a solid ending - no matter how small the story might seem. I feel sorry it has taken me so long to update and for failing to keep in touch with so many of my true friends I have had the pleasure of getting to know since I began Mamushka Marie in 2008. As time has passed, my work at the shop and world travels (what!?) have kept me busy and distracted and up until recently I felt sure that things would stay that way. But as always, life has a way of changing quite quickly and throwing everything at you all at once. Like they say, "when it rains, it pours!" So while this letter began almost one year ago as a fond farewell, it's ending with a new beginning.

The amazing Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam

Some exciting new changes are happening at the vintage shop I co-run, beginning in July we'll be changing over from small vintage boutique to a growing vintage collective! (some of you may be familiar with similarly run Down at Lulu's in San Francisco.) As a result, i'll be splitting my time at the new shop with what else (!?) but a new online vintage shop AND corresponding blog! So welcome friends to Daylily Vintage! I'd be honored and oh-so-pleased if you'd follow along on this old but new journey I'm embarking on. I've also recently joined twitter (I know, I know i'm like a grandma when it comes to technology - bear with the newbie/advice please!?) as well as pinteresting like a crazy person and i'm on instagram as well (clairenouveau). So with that I'm signing off here at Mamushka Marie for the very last time. Leave me a note over at the new blog so we can keep in touch! I'd truly love to hear from you.

Until then,


Keeping In Touch said...

I have read and i am very inspired from you i like it..
Thank you for post.

Keeping In Touch

Dorothy Explor'r said...

hi claire! good luck on the new adventures ahead of you :) how absolutely amazing!


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