hannah and her sisters

  A young Dianne Wiest (her wardrobe in the film is pretty spectacular really)
  A very vintage Mia Farrow (want her hair)
I've been catching up on lots of good films lately - curling up in my favorite chair, afghan, pillows, cup of tea and netflix (won't even lie - streaming movies live is amaaaazing!) Beyond that side note though, I have to say, I had almost forgotten how much I adore Woody Allen films, he is hands down in my top three favorite director/writers of all time. The dialog in Woody's films feels so natural and free, and of course the actresses don some of the best 70s/80s style imaginable (you've seen Annie Hall no doubt) but what about Hannah and her sisters? Oh. My. Word. do I just love this movie, it's so funny and sweet, and endearing and wonderful really...and how can you not love the young Dianne Wiest and of course ever so gorgeous Mia Farrow with Barbabra Hershey supporting (not to mention Maureen O'Sullivan), yesssss so, so good.


sacramento said...

I know , fantastic!!
I am into 40s movie now. the dresses are to die for, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

taylorkitto said...

netflix is fantastic, I wouldn't know what to do without it!
he sure is amazing. such great fashion inspiration!

jeny said...

Yes, I agree! One of my favorites too! I just watched it this past week. Woody Allen's movies always intrigue me because with so many plot lines it's impossible to get bored.

Rosie said...

Yess'm this is quite a great flick! I love Dianne Wiest's character's outfits the most! So quirky!

Clara said...

lovely post!

Little Monarch said...

oh this is now on my must see list! what are your other favourite directors?

anne said...

my favorite line out of that movie is when frederick says to lee something like- "i'm going through a period in my life where i just can't be around people". man i love this movie! woody is the best. i grew watching his films and have always loved his sense of humor. some of my faves include- love and death (diane keaton is so damn awesome in it) i think it may actually be me and my husbands favorite woody film, play it again sam- amazing! of course annie hall rules, i love match point and cassandra's dream was really good. the scene in take the money and run when he's trying to rob a bank and no one can read his note is classic. ok. i won't keep going on :D oh yeah, i also love the wardrobe in a midsummers night sex comedy. now i need to go watch a movie!

Anonymous said...

I love this post; what an excellent idea! I have always liked Woody Allen's films, not only are they wonderfully written, but they have such a confident artistic quality which can definitely be seen in the clothes. It would be interesting to research his wardrobe people and to see if he ever discusses clothes in interviews...think I'll look into it.

Thanks for the inspiration!

Eline said...

Aah, I've never gotten into Woody Allen properly. Sure, I love Annie Hall but most of his films I've saw at the age of fourteen or so (unlike Annie Hall) and he was too slow for me at the time. Maybe I should try him out again? I guess, it's about time after eight years ;D. Because these ladies look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, my boyfriend and I have been on a Woody Allen kick lately. I haven't seen Hannah and Her Sisters yet, though. I think The Purple Rose of Cairo is my favorite so far!

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