Visual Treasures, (season one, episode two)

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Balenciaga Resort 2011
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Visual Treasures is a weekly curated art & photography post, featuring 5 stunning images from elsewhere on the web ~ to inspire, delight and rekindle your fashion intuition.

Please visit featured artists and photographers for more where this [loveliness] came from...


marygrace said...

Just wanted to say hi, and that I love your blog, love your style, and I am now following you!

Doris Anne said...

LOVE this post, ugh.. so pretty.

Jenni said...

Oh, what a lovely vest! And lovely photos too :)

Karen/Small Earth Vintage said...

Ah, that vest!

Maria Confer said...

Love this idea Claire. These are each very lovely and I adore the simple flowers.

Lulu Letty

E is for Eleanor said...

pattern pattern pattern! I love it x

Vanessa said...

Beautiful collection of photos!


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